Cutting Across The Grain

Learn about how to cut meat so that it's as tender as possible. In this video, Bill compares the Flank steak to the Filet and teaches us about the beef animal and what cuts are going to be most tender. Get all the technical details with this blog post.


How To Buy The Best Hamburger

Looking to make the best burger possible? The best burger starts with the best meat. Get the low-down on getting straight to the best hamburger available at your local grocery store by starting with this video.


How to Make Waffly Good Sausage

Bill and Rich give away one of the best breakfast sausages we've come up with in this very short tutorial in how you can make sausage at home without even breaking out the meat grinder


Blueberry Maple Sausage

Enjoy a delicious sausage made in about 5 minutes! So simple, you're just mixing the ingredients together and in no time, you've got a pound of sausage that you made yourself!


How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken

Always wanted to cut up a whole chicken? Do you get intimidated by that giant turkey on Thanksgiving? This short tutorial will give you the techniques and know-how to cut up the bird and enjoy a delicious meal!