Setup Your Computer

Here’s how to setup your computer and test that it works properly before we get started with class. Make sure you have a full hour before you start this. It may only take 5 minutes. In the unlikely event that it takes over an hour, post to Twitter ( and we’ll get you straightened out.

  1. Create a free account on Google (skip this step if you already have a Google account such as Gmail, Google+, etc)

  2. Install Google Hangouts using these instructions from Google.

  3. Call a friend to make sure everything works properly

    1. Start a hangout by visiting this page

    2. Click +Add Telephone

    3. Enter the phone number (including area code) of a friend that you know will be available (preferably a friend that knows something about computers).

    4. Click the Call button

    5. Talk to your friend.

  4. If you can see yourself on the screen and everything sounds good, then you’re done!

Having trouble? Look for your specific problem on the right side of this page.