Making Great Sausage Since 1903

In 1903, John Theil immigrated from Austria Hungary to Allegheny, Pennsylvania, bringing a taste for old-world sausage with him. John's son William married a German woman named Vesta and the Theil family meat and sausage making business began. We made the best Hungarian and German sausages known to man and the tradition continues to this day. The father and son team of Bill and Rich are proud to extend the family's meat-making business through Meat Made Simple.

Bill has the meat know-how. He learned the craft from his father, mastered it with a Meat Science degree from The Ohio State University, and now produces incredible sausage using age-old family recipes as well as ridiculously good modern recipes like blueberry pancake and turkey-bacon-onion sausage. 

Rich is comfortable in the butcher shop and growing as meat-making-man himself. He graduated from Miami University with a degree in Systems Analysis and handles all of the technical details of making Meat Made Simple happen.

He's also really (really) good at eating bacon.

The photo below captures the four most-recent generations of our family, hard at work at Theil's Meats.